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Youth and passion

We solve complex web design challenges with enthusiasm and an innovative approach.

We're constantly on the lookout for the latest trends in design and development. Our willingness to explore new technologies and push the boundaries of web design enables us to create modern, engaging websites and offer our customers cutting-edge solutions.


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Curiosity Innovation

Curiosity and innovation are the driving forces behind excellence in all creative fields. Innovative and inquisitive minds dare to question convention and experiment with new features.

At Bihua, this translates into the design of unique interfaces and the development of daring solutions.


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4 members

100 ideas

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  • Cover

    Nicolas Degache

    CEO & Head of production

  • Timothée Berger, Designer and art director

    Timothée Berger

    Interactive designer & Art Director

  • undefined

    Marc Pinkfloyd

    Office Mascotte

  • Donaël Walter, Creative Développeur, Designer & Photographer

    Donaël Walter

    Lead Creative Developer & Designer

  • Portrait of Arthur Debruille, Creative Developer at Bihua

    Arthur Debruille

    Creative Developer

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Mutual trust between team members, and the confidence placed in each member to carry out his or her responsibilities, creates a harmonious working environment where everyone can express themselves freely, share ideas and collaborate productively.

Add to this a healthy dose of professionalism, and you have the foundations for a high-performance team and high-quality work.


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We're proud and delighted to have received these awards, which testify to the recognition of our peers.

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  • CSS Design Awards


  • MaxiBestOf