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Agility and inventiveness

At Bihua, designers and developers work hand in hand. Our 'in-house' agile processes enable active communication between members and foster innovation.

This effective collaboration is essential in a field where design and development must be aligned, but it's also the best way to turn our ideas into reality and put our creativity to work.

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Attention to Detail

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To create a memorable online experience, a large number of parameters must be taken into account, and nothing must be left to chance.

We're convinced that attention to detail is an essential element in the design of high-performance, fluid websites. Combined with a rigorous methodology, these are the two foundations that enable us to guarantee our customers high-quality renderings.

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Sens and Harmony

While we are particularly attached to the aesthetic aspect of our creations, we are convinced that meaning transcends the visual. Content is an essential element of a website, and must be relevant to add value and give meaning to our creation.

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13 tools

Tools we work with

We work with high-performance, innovative tools that we master perfectly. Our aim is to provide a reliable working environment so that our customers can feel confident.

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Headless CMS SanityPrismic
Deployment Platforms Netlify
Languages & Libraries React.js TypeScriptJavascript
Collaboration NotionDiscordGoogle meet
E-commerce StripeShopify
Frameworks Next.jsGatsby.jsAstro.js
Design and Research FigmaAdobe SuiteBlender